Products of RPC Optolink were represented at the 13th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2017 held from July 18th through July 23, 2017 at Zhykovsky(Moscow region) by our customers at their booths. The companies attended the exhibition and their products containing our devices are listed below:

«Academician Pilyugin Center»

  1. Redundant strapdown inertial measurement unit for satellite Attitude Determination and Control System (AOCS), AOCS containing four fiber optic gyroscope SRS-1000,  produced by Optolink RPC LLC and designed to operate as a part of movement-controlling complexes and navigation systems for the spacecraft of various purposes


  1. Integrated inertial-astro-satellite navigation and orientation system for space orbital injection system : The module includes six fiber-optic gyroscopes SRS-501 produced by RPC "Optolink". and 6 pendulum accelerometers with the location the measurement axes perpendicular to the facets of a dodecahedron, which ensures operability even in case of two malfunctions. The main parameters of the integrated system are proved during the operation of the booster blocks "Fregat" and “DM-3”


JSC «CSPA «Leninetz»

  1. Radar station of "Mars" series based on cascade waveguide-cavity active phased array antenna technology


  1. Multipurpose radar with phased array antenna for maritime and aviation search and rescue system for equipping of helicopter for search and rescue operations)


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