Three axis fiber-optic gyroscope TRS400


TRS400 is the state-of-art miniature FOG TRS

Range of measured angular rate, °/s ±540 (±495 for export)
Bias drift at stabilized temperature (100 s-averaging, 1σ), °/hour ≤0.1
≤0.01 (Allan variance)
Bias drift at changing temperature from -40°C to +60°C (100 s-averaging, 1σ), °/hour ≤0.3
Scale factor error in temperature range -40°C to +60°C (1σ), ppm ≤200
Bandwidth, Hz ≥100 (up to 1kHz)
Random walk (Allan variance), °/√hour ≤0.01
Power supply, V 5±0.25
Power consumption, W ≤7
Weight (net), kg 0.7
Dimensions, mm 80 × 95 × 62.5 mm
Operational temperature range -40°C ~ +60°C



Allan variance plot of TRS400 gyroscopes (identical to IMU400)


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