Soyuz MS-12 Spacecraft Safely Returns back to Earth Expedition 60 Space Crew

Three Optolink's TRS-500 fiber-optic gyroscopes, installed into control system of Descent Module of the latest Soyuz modification, Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft, successfully executed their mission during landing. The Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft landed in Kazakhstan on 03 October 2019, at 10:59 UTC (4:59 p.m. local time), with three-man Expedition 60 Space Crew, including Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin, NASA astronaut Nick Hague and spaceflight participant, the first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates  (UAE), Hazzaa Ali Almansoori.  The landing module safely landed on-target about 147 kilometers south-east from the town of Dzhezkazgan in the Kazakhstan. The crew is reported to be feeling well. Ovchinin and Hague, launched to the station on March 14, were closing out a 203-day mission while Almansoori, a guest cosmonaut who arrived at the outpost Sept. 25, was wrapping up a relatively short eight-day visit. This was the first actual trip to the ISS for Hague, while Ovchinin logged 375 days in space on his third flight at the time of landing.

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