Single axis fiber-optic gyroscope SRS5000


End-user certificate from Government Authorities is requested


Range of measured angular rate, °/s ±12 (optional ±550)
Bias drift at stabilized temperature (100 s-averaging, 1σ), °/hour ≤0.0015
≤0.0001 (Allan variance)
Scale factor error, ppm ≤50
Bandwidth, Hz ≥50 (up to 2kHz)
Random walk (Allan variance), °/√hour ≤0.00015
Power supply, V 5±0.25
Power consumption, W ≤7
Weight (net), kg 2.5
Dimensions, mm Ø250×45
Operational temperature range -40°C ~ +60°C



Allan variance plot of SRS5000


The export of SRS5000 gyro is under strict government control due to its precision characteristics. Export license is granted upon the International Import Certificate (End Use Certificate) issued by the authorized Ministry of the end user’s country and the end use certificate issued by the ultimate end user reflecting the detailed intended civil end use of the Goods. Besides that, the end user company undertakes to grant the right to inspect the Goods supplied at any time. Please allow 2-3 months for the process; positive outcome is not guaranteed even in case all the required documents are presented.

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